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Furry Friends Inc - Est 2003

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Furry Friends Inc. has a devoted team of experienced staff members who will provide the best possible care for your pet while they are in our care. Many of our team members have completed post secondary education in animal care, and all our staff are certified in pet first aid.

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 6am to 6:30pm

We are closed Saturday, Sundays and Holidays!

 Our door is always open during business hours, visits to our facility are encouraged and never require an appointment.

All new Furry Friends must come for an assessment, we ask that you arrive by 8am on your appointment day and leave your dog for a day of daycare so we can evaluate their behaviour and see how they interact with other dogs and people. You must provide copies of your dog's current vaccinations that include Bordetella, Rabies and DHPP, spay/neuter certificate after 8 months of age as well as flea/tick prevention May to November. 

Once you have the required documentation please give us a call to arrange an assessment appointment for your dog, we look forward to meeting you!

The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority!

We are focused on meeting the needs of your dog, and will provide a healthy outlet for your dog in a cage free, fully supervised, climate-controlled environment.

   Our staff supervise playtime and encourage the development of your dogs social skills. Your dog will enjoy the day socialising with other dogs, and receive lots of love and attention. We separate the dogs by size and temperament to insure your dog is completely safe and secure while in our care.

Requirements for Doggie Daycare:

We require that your dog be at least 12 weeks old, spayed or neutered (only puppies less than 8 months are exempt). They must like people and other dogs, and they must not be territorial over toys, food, or space.

All dogs need to be up to date on all vaccinations (photocopy required) DHPP, rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), as well as flea prevention from May to November.











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