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it is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of domestic and industrial sludge belt dewatering machine. products are widely used in sand washing sludge dewatering piling sludge dewatering river silt dewatering paper sludge dewatering ceramic stone cutting sludge dewatering industrial printing and dyeing sludge dehydration plant

belt filter press

belt filter press consists of drive machine sludge distributor filtrating belt tension device automatic adjusting machine filtrating belt washed machine mud scraper gravity dehydration wedge dehydration squeezing dehydration and frame etc.

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guangdong meibang environmental protection equipment co. ltd. is located in huadu district guangzhou city guangdong province china. it is a professional manufacturer of belt filter press integrating development design manufacture and service to provide users with professional integrated sludge dewatering solutions and plant slurry dewatering solutions.

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guangzhou meibang environmental protection equipment is a supplier and exporter of belt filter press sludge dewatering belt press and industrial filter press - a company has good quality products & service from china.

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belt filter press - sand washing sewage dewatering

belt filter press. applicable to mine tailings large sand plantsriver silt treatmentgovernment projects and other projects. 24 hours automatic continuous operation high dehydration rate excellent equipment perfomance and small floor space. sewage sludge treatment belt filter press machine throughput 100 m3/h read more. contact