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It is such a relief to have such a wonderful place to leave our dog Bailey when we go away. Dawn and her staff treat her like they would their own dog. We love the fact that she is not crated and able to socialize with the other dogs. Bailey has so much fun at Furry Friends that she pretty much just sleeps for 2 days when she gets home!

Erin Shropshall 


Furry Friends is not your average doggy day care ..... in fact, it is a warm and inviting environment where dogs feel like they are on vacation with their best friends. I have been bringing my Samoyed, Boby Orr there since he was a puppy and he has become the most well adjusted and socially adaptable dog imaginable. Dawn and her team go that extra mile with each and every dog ..... they just simply CARE ! I would highly recommend anyone who values outstanding customer service coupled with the knowledge and understanding to give your dog the best experience they will ever have.

Thanks Furry Friends for keep my dog smilin' !

Mary Stefanac


I began using Furry Friends over a year ago, since then my confidence in Dawn and the staff at Furry Friends has grown to a point where I now rely on them Monday to Friday including overnight services when I travel. Tucker is extremely happy and excited when I pull into the Furry Friends parking lot, knowing he is going to spend the whole day playing and socializing with his friends. Bringing him to Furry Friends is a great source of exercise for him. Exhausted when he gets home, he is always excited and ready for his return visit. I am extremely pleased with the care and attention he receives during the day and overnight. Tucker has grown very attached to Dawn and the staff, the only drawback is that my dog may like Dawn more than he likes me!

Lia Messina


"Our Samoyed Newton has been attending Furry Friends since he was four months old. He is extremely well socialized as a result, and he comes home each day happy and tired! Newton gets so excited when we pull into the driveway and can't wait to jump out and see Dawn and all of his four-legged friends. We love that his energy is channeled into positive play and have seen a huge improvement in his manners and training as a result. We love that he doesn't spend any time caged and that he gets to play inside and outside. He gets constant attention and the chance to be a part of the pack, and we love the caring environment and staff."

Erin Joyce

In 2011, I was in need of doggie daycare with my new job assignment in East Burlington. I was anxious to find a business that matched what I was used to in Oakville. Well, I certainly have no regrets with my deciding on Furry Friends! Dawn immediately presented herself as knowledgeable, professional and caring, for both owners and doggies. Her business is staffed with well qualified and approachable personnel. Her space is well organized, clean, and tailor-made to fit all breeds, sizes and personalities of her furry friends. I could not have been happier and so was my German Shepherd Molly!

With a new location, she has been able to offer more to the dogs. Her outside area offers perfect shade for hours of fun. Her fencing system to and from the play area to the care house allows for safe and well thought out transfers of dogs. The care house is multi-roomed and sectioned for easy movement in and out. Her current renovations will transform a good venue to a great venue where a thorough business can be conducted. A grooming service will soon be available! I should mention excellent hours of operation (6AM - 6PM), convient parking lot, and boarding possibilities that go beyond any expectation. Dawn is truly commited to providing the best care and service to the owners and their dogs. A wise and compassionate person, Dawn will consider many possibilities to satisfy her patrons and their best Furry Friends....and THAT she does competently! Congratulations Dawn and thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

Paola Randall


 "I work night shifts and have a very high energy dog (German Shorthair Pointer). Furry friends has allowed me to keep my sanity! I sleep and know Crosby is in a safe environment where he gets lots of attention and physical activity. He is exhausted by the time we get home and excited to go the next time. Dawn and her staff are outstanding, the facility is clean and spacious".

Thank you, Deanna Last


I have an adorable, affectionate, but very highly strung and sensitive six year old Collie. Mason was a constant companion to my mother, but when she passed away in March 2011 I had to decide what to do with Mason during the day. I live in Burlington and work in Toronto, and I'm usually away for a good part of the day. Mason is a very important member of my family, and I will not entrust his care to just anyone. As a result, I investigated a number of dog walkers and dog sitting services. I wanted someone who was careful, attentive, and would look after Mason's needs. Dawn and her team are very dependable, and I have complete confidence and trust in the care they provide.

Their new facility on Century Drive provides cage free boarding as well as opportunities for play and interaction with other dogs. During the time Mason has been at Furry Friends I've noticed a considerable improvement in his sociability both with people and other dogs. Dawn selects her employees with considerable care, and everyone I have come in contact with has shown responsibility, attentiveness and reliability.

I have no hesitation in recommending Furry Friends to others who are seeking reliable and dependable pet care service.

Stephen White


Sadie loves to stay at Furry Friends. She can tell by the drive where she is going and gets very excited. There is never a problem when we leave her because she is happy to be visiting her friends, and she is ready for a rest by the end of the play day!!

Rhonda Galbraith





 Furry Friends is the best! Dawn and her staff are so friendly, attentive and responsible to my dogs needs. The hours are very convenient, flexible and reasonably priced. Our dog loves going to play and stay at Furry Friends!

Louise Brait


 I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the amazing service we have received over the past 4+ years. Zack is always so excited when we make the turn onto Century Drive, and when I pull into the drive and park the car, he pushes me in his excitement to get out and play with all his friends. It's so great to know that he is in an environment that he loves so much, and at the end of a long day of work it's nice to know that our puppy has spent the day getting the exercise and stimulus he needs.

When vacation time roles around we know that we can trust you to take care of his needs, and that he feels just as much at home at Furry Friends as he does here. I have recommended you to many of my friends and neighbours and would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

Thanks so much

Barbara Pecs


 We have been attending "Furry Friends doggie day care" for over a year. We are very impressed with the level of professionalism, compassion and care that Dawn and her staff offer to "Lucy". It is a relief for us knowing that Lucy is well looked after, happy and has lots of friends. We love that Lucy gets lots of exercise and outdoor time and is not caged....it's just like home!! Thank you Dawn and all the girls for the wonderful work you do. We highly recommend Furry Friends!

Much appreciation

Denise., Jim & Lucy



  If you're like us, your dog isn't just a pet, he or she is part of your family. We have been bringing our Viszla "Elsa"to Furry Friends for over three years, precisely because it too is a family. We can't say enough good things about Dawn and her staff, each dog is treated like their own!! For busy commuters like us, there is no other alternative!

We owe them so much, thank you!

Dan & Carolyn Milkovich



Furry Friends has been an amazing opportunity for us to have our almost 2 year old Boxer, "Brinks" well cared for, exercised and loved while we work our long 12 hour shifts. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that Brinks is in good hands and is getting the exercise and attention she needs. The exceptional hours that are offered can not be found anywhere else and we are impressed with their fabulous new location on Century Drive.

We highly recommend Furry Friends to all our friends and co-workers.

Robin & Joe


We having been bringing our shitzu to furry friends for over
 5 years for day and over night visits. We truly trust and 
depend on Dawn and all the staff at Furry Friends. Buddy 
is well looked after and enjoys going to the day care.  
Dawn is vey accommodating and flexible which works well 
with my work schedule. We couldn't imagine our life 
without Furry friends.     
Ann Wiggins 
My dog's love to go to Furry Friends! I can't say the word "daycare"
in the house because they think they are going there!!! As soon as 
we turn into the driveway they are all excited and can't wait to 
get out of the car. I have a very high energy boxer and another 
who is alittle more laid back, and when they get home at night, 
it's like I don't have any dogs at all. 
The move to Century Drive has been great! I really like the 
fact that the dogs get to run around and play outside, in a 
safe and supervised environment. They get so tuckered out
it's been great! Dawn has a wonderful staff team and you can tell 
they really care about the dogs. The staff are always pleasant 
and I love knowing that I can drop the dogs off and not have to 
worry about anything. 
Dawn is very knowledgeable about canine behaviour and 
takes each dogs' personality into account. She should be 
very proud of the business she has established. I would
highly recommend Furry Friends to all!!!
Samantha Dean

























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